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Bell Knox Whitley Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy Application

All projects must have a goal that is compliant with the strategic plan of the KY ASAP Local Board and utilize evidence/research-based curriculum or programming, prevention programs. 

KY-ASAP BKW Local Board Strategic Plan:


  1. Increase Tobacco/SYNAR Compliance

  2. Reduce Alcohol Abuse/DUI Arrests

  3. Prevent/Decrease All Drug Use Among Youth

  4. Prevent/Decrease Tobacco Use Among Pregnant Smokers

  5. Prevent/Decrease All Tobacco Use To Reduce Lung Cancer Incidents

Important: Projects/Programs must meet KY-ASAP BKW strategic plan goals & and objectives; you may request a copy of the strategic plan by calling 606-689-6629 or visiting the About Us page.
All approved proposals are requested to provide an annual summary each July of the use of the mini grant funding outcome to the Bell-Knox-Whitley KY ASAP Local Board  via email.

Thank you for your submission to our mini grants.  Please note our board meets monthly to review applicants.  Contact our Coordinator, Mrs. Calico if you have any questions. 

Download the application to print it out.

Have a question about the application?
Send us an email or give us a call.

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